About Us - Renew Petra
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ReNew Petra is a full-service renewable energy company that blends intermittent and firm renewables to create blended capacity projects that generate energy 24/7. We develop and invest in renewable energy projects and provide all operations and maintenance for our assets, as well as for third parties. We also hold an unlimited general contractor license in North Carolina, allowing us to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. By harnessing the power of renewable switch the security of fixed resources, we bring clean energy solutions that contribute to the revitalization of our communities’ civic life and economic health.


“Harnessing the clean energy all around us”

Economic Impact

  • Blended capacity brings to market a robust and secure energy source from underutilized resources. Renew Petra has collaborated with city and county governments to turn landfills into energy production centers.
  • According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, over 300 million tons of trash is placed in landfills each year – this is a wasted resource. With blended capacity, we can turn this waste into a 24/7 energy-generation resource for the community.
  • ReNew Petra can design customized solutions for organizations of various sizes that will bring efficiencies in energy use and enrich existing facilities to maximize their potential.

Community Focused

  • We invest in communities by maximizing existing energy resources and infusing them with renewable, clean, and sustainable energy solutions. This contributes to the sustainability of the United States power supply and its commitment to a clean energy future.
  • We take the time and energy to cultivate relationships, reduce energy costs, and introduce financial resources and job opportunities into our communities.

Environmental Impact

  • Climate change is real and we are utilizing renewable sources of energy to create sustainable solutions for global energy needs.
  • Reliable and sustained renewable energy is a critical component of national security but, alone, it can’t meet today’s total energy demand. The blended capacity approach that ReNew Petra offers combines the renewable energy of tomorrow with the security and reliability of today’s firm fixed energy resources.