Our Team - Renew Petra
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Professional & outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

Wayne Marshall, PE - Managing Director

Wayne Marshall has led Petra Engineering since its inception in 2003. Wayne has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy and utility industry, serving in various roles within Duke Power, Duke Energy, and various Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) prior to founding Petra. He has managed and executed energy conservation, cogeneration, power generation, renewable energy, environmental conservation, and supply management for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. He has been closely involved in the development, design, procurement, construction, financing, and operational aspects of the business. Mr. Marshall has a distinguished career managing the development, negotiation, and implementation of numerous successful projects with Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities.


Mr. Marshall’s broad-based energy engineering, renewable, and management experience in both retrofit improvements and energy conscious design has seen him involved in over $1 billion of energy and environmental projects. Projects range from long-term supply management, cogeneration, standby generation, renewable energy, power quality and power reliability systems, HVAC, steam systems, process heat, water and wastewater, agribusiness, lighting, compressed air, and motor drive conversions.




  • Mr. Marshall has been in various leadership roles. He has led and overseen corporate wide technical teams, corporate business development, and national environmental technology boards. Mr. Marshall is a Registered Professional Engineer in multiple states. He has served on and chaired national energy conservation, environmental conservation, and management advisory boards.
  • Mr. Marshall was named Young Engineer of the Year for the western North Carolina region in 1990 and for state of North Carolina in 1995.

Richard Payne, JD - Managing Director

Richard Payne has over 10 years of experience in development, project management, capital raising, and legal transactions. Mr. Payne works with host country partners and United States based companies looking to deploy capital and renewable energy in international markets like the Caribbean, where the price of energy remains very high compared to other developed and emerging markets.


Through the ReNew umbrella, Mr. Payne is currently involved in the development of approximately 30MW of solar projects in various capacities. ReNew Petra facilitates the development of projects and in addition actively matches buyers, financiers, developers and sellers of renewable energy projects providing synergies within the industry. ReNew Petra has a current pipeline of over $50 million of active projects. Mr. Payne has also been responsible for strategic development and monetization of renewable energy projects in the United States, Caribbean and Africa, including raising corporate and project debt and equity financing from investors and institutional partners. He also has experience in preparing and review investment memorandum and proposals including financial models with sensitivities, state and federal tax equity structures, IRR hurdles and compliance requirements.


His legal background gives him the capability to draft and review legal documents including purchase power agreements, limited partnership agreements, loan agreements, operations & maintenance agreements, and purchase & sale offers to facilitate development, construction and financing.




  • Mr. Payne prior experience includes working for Crescent Communities, LLC, one of the leading real estate developers in the Southeast United States with a multifamily real estate pipeline of over USD $1.5 Billion and over USD $250 million of assets under management. Mr. Payne reported directly to the Chief Executive Officer to tackle a host of challenging core and alternative development projects. One of the alternative projects was outlining a strategy to develop over 100MW of solar photovoltaic developments on a portion of Crescent’s 50,000 acres of legacy land holdings in North and South Carolina.
  • Mr. Payne’s experience also includes managing a $15 million fund to underwrite and invest in distressed real assets. Additionally, he managed over $20 million of development projects for corporate clients while working for Lincoln Harris, a private real estate developer in the Charlotte, North Carolina. Having worked in the Private, Government and Non-Profit sectors, Payne understands the complexities of bringing Public-Private development partnerships to fruition.
  • Mr. Payne earned a law degree from George Washington University Law School and a bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University. Active in the community and industry, Payne is a member of several trade organizations including Urban Land Institute and the Association for Blacks in Energy.

Kizzie Bozeman Brown - Chief Financial Officer

Kizzie Bozeman Brown serves as the Chief Financial Officer for ReNew Petra Fund LLC and its related entities. In this role, she is responsible for the overall financial management and growth of the fund, including analyzing existing and new investment opportunities, setting and executing capitalization and banking strategy, and directing all financial plans and accounting practices of the company.


Ms. Brown has an extensive financial services background spanning both corporate investment banking and financial consulting. Ms. Brown began her career on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley, Inc. where she helped to raise capital for global companies in the fixed income market. She continued her career at Alex Brown & Sons, Inc. in the real estate group, providing financial advice and structuring capital raises for public and private real estate investment trusts. Ms. Brown continued her career at Alex Brown’s successor, Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. where she helped to initiate a corporate finance effort aimed specifically at Fortune 100 companies. In January of 2004, Ms. Brown shifted her focus from advising large, global corporations to providing financial consulting to small and midsized businesses. To this end, she founded Priority One Planning LLC. As managing principal, Ms. Brown provided financial strategy and operations services to small businesses looking to outsource the Chief Financial Officer function.


After founding Priority One Planning, Ms. Brown acted as the Chief Financial Officer for Bundy Development Corporation, a commercial real estate developer in Washington, DC, for nearly seven years. As CFO, she was responsible for the overall financial management of the company, including developing the company’s five year business financial model in order to project revenues and cash flows and to make recommendations for business line expansion. She also directed all of the company’s investment plans and accounting practices. She was cited for her exceptional interpersonal skills, especially as they pertain to relationship management, as well as her ability to tackle complex financial problems in a tough economy for real estate development.


After completing the engagement with Bundy Development at the end of 2012, Ms. Brown began working as an independent consultant for several small businesses looking for financial services. In this capacity she has worked with a variety of companies across a number of industries including real estate, technology, health care, and public relations. Her duties have spanned overseeing the clients’ accounting and finance functions, negotiating banking relationships, leading their budgeting processes, and coordinating reporting requirements with any outside auditors. She has also completed several engagements with start-up companies where she provided financial models and analysis, and business plans, that were used to successfully solicit new investors for the businesses.


Ms. Brown is a very active member of her community, with a special emphasis on promoting economic development in the minority community. To this end, she works actively on the economic development initiative of the Columbia, MD Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. In this role, she develops programs to support the sorority and the community on topics such as financial planning, credit and debt management, tax planning, home ownership and real estate investing.


Ms. Brown has a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelors in Business Administration from Howard University.

Mark Bain - Senior Construction Manager

Growing up around the construction industry, Mr. Bain’s introduction to construction was through hands on field experience. He began his career at his father’s construction company. Since then, Mr. Bain has become an accomplished professional with over 20 years of comprehensive large-scale management and experience in managing multi-million dollar construction projects, coordinating workforce teams of 20+ subcontractors, and performing budget allocation and analysis. Mr. Bain excels at bringing mission-critical projects in on schedule and within budget. He is especially skilled at strategic planning, budget controls and problem resolution. Mr. Bain has outstanding communication talents with proven the ability to build and lead highly efficient teams, to train technical personnel, and to convey complex concepts in understandable terms. Mr. Bain studied Construction Management at Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Adolfo Levi - Vice President of Construction

Adolfo Levi is the Vice President of Construction with ReNew Petra and owner and builder of Copperstone Builders. He received his education at the University of Maryland and Universidad Autonoma de el Estado de Morelos (University of Morelos) studying Architecture. Even while studying in Mexico, he began working in architectural design and construction. He then moved to the United States to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996, working in the framing and roofing business. A major company he worked for transferred him to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1997. Mr. Levi continued to work in the Charlotte area doing framing work for companies such as Simonini, Dienst, Kenneth Bealer, and Lifestyle Custom Homes. His background and knowledge in architectural design gave Mr. Levi the knowledge and experience to begin a quality custom home construction business in 2005 known as Copperstone Builders. Mr. Levi also holds an unlimited general contractor license for North Carolina.

Charese Allen - Chief Marketing Officer

Charese Allen is the Chief Marketing Officer for ReNew Petra, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and visual communication. She uses her creativity and design background to develop the ReNew Petra brand according to brand standards and strategic marketing strategies. Using her experience in graphic design and communication, Ms. Allen designs packages for effective internal and external communication.


A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Ms. Allen earned a Bachelors in Interior Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Masters in Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design.