Our Approach - Renew Petra
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ReNew Petra has an extensive portfolio of renewable energy development experience that includes a wide range of engineering, solar, biomass to energy and state-of- the-art LFG utilization projects.

Our Work: Engineering

Engineering, Procurement + Construction (EPC)

ReNew Petra holds an unlimited general contractor license in North Carolina, allowing us to provide EPC services to third parties.


Power Transmission, Substation, and Electrical Distribution Projects

The ReNew Petra Team has extensive utility experience as former employees of major investor owned utilities. This experience includes substation, transmission and distribution design and construction.


Substations – Projects include both utility and industrial installations with capacities of 100MVA to 5MVA for voltages of 230KV to 24KV, 115KV to 24KV & 12KV, 44KV to 12KV, 24KV to 13.8KV, 4.16KV, & 480V. We have completed padmounted substations as well as overhead steel structure construction with overhead and underground circuit exits. Our work includes substations for critical data center operations with dual feeds automatic swap- over, and redundant transformation. Industrial substation installations have been completed for textile, pharmaceutical, mining, furniture, high-tech IT hardware, steel, concrete, and aggregate plants. SOW’s include site selection, planning, permitting, design, relay coordination, construction, grounding, control systems, and testing.


Transmission & Distribution Lines – experience with planning, siting, obtaining R/W’s, design, and construction of multiple projects totaling hundreds of circuit miles. These circuits were designed and built for various specifications such as wood poles, steel structures, and multi-circuit configurations. ReNew Petra has also negotiated the purchase of utility owned power lines, substations, and equipment on behalf of our clients as well as the sale of client owned facilities to utilities. We have completed similar projects for natural gas pipelines and associated infrastructure. ReNew Petra has also negotiated natural gas pressure and capacity increases for our clients as well as bypass pipelines connecting directly to the high-pressure interstate pipelines.


The following is a sampling of ReNewPetra’s recent Power Transmission, Substation, & Electrical Distribution projects:


    1. Roanoke Steel – served on point for negotiations with utility for substation and power quality infrastructure improvements. Here Petra led power quality conversations for customer with the electric utility company (AEP). The discussions centered around IEEE 519 Power Quality standards, measurement and verification protocols for improvements, and addressed harmonic distortion issues related to 2nd, 5th, and 7th harmonics. This work helped the customer avoid over $2,000,000 in capital projects by finding alternatives that satisfied both the customer and the electric utility needs.


  1. Energy United Electric Cooperative – working in conjunction with this large electric cooperative to address power quality concerns and electric system infrastructure of its largest industrial and commercial customers. In addition to analysis and problem solving ReNew Petra also is providing turnkey solutions when requested by customer and/or electric cooperative.

Our Work: Solar

Since 2013, ReNew Petra has supported more than 40 projects, more than 510MW, ranging in size from 200KW to the 20MW for large and small Solar Companies. In Q4 of 2015, we supported over 260MW. Our services have ranged from full project development to design to project management to equipment procurement services to financial independent engineering to technology analysis to project commissioning to decommissioning plans to interconnect, environmental, and regulatory consulting.


Our team has assisted many projects with securing all required agreements and permits for the projects including multi-year Purchase Power Agreements (PPA) with the local Electric Utility (Investor Owned Utilities, Electric Municipalities, and Electric Cooperatives) along with the Renewable Energy Credit (REC) sales. We have a long history of success negotiating for grid- interconnect, securing FERC Licensing, and getting Approval and Certification of Public Convenience from the applicable Utility Commission or Authority.

Utility Scale Solar Projects

Cayman Islands – Solar to Electricity Project

A ReNew Petra subsidiary was part of the development team that sourced capital and helped develop a 5MW solar farm in the Cayman Islands. 

Loy Farm Solar, NC – Solar to Electricity Project

Petra Engineering entered into a MOU with a North Carolina university to develop, construct, and locate a 2MW ground mounted solar farm adjacent to campus in NC (the “University Project”). The University Project is located on a tract of land belonging to the University, with the tract secured under a long-term ground lease by the Project with the University. The Project prepared and submitted applications with Duke Energy for Electric Interconnect and with the NC Utility Commission for registration of the University Project as a Renewable Energy Facility. The power purchase agreement for the Project is the standard Cogeneration and Small Power Producer tariff offered by Duke Energy.


The Project has provided for a positive community impact through the creation of a sustainable curriculum and renewable energy living lab that the University will use and implement in exchange for waived ground lease fees associated with the Project. The “Solar Certification Training” for this Project will help the University enter into the emerging NC and Southeast solar industry. Our team, along with our partners, have extensive experience working with NC Community College System to train and certify workers and students.

We have served as a vertically integrated solar PV developer and energy efficiency and renewable energy contractor, self-performing our own project EPC services.

Commercial Scale Solar Projects

Chattooga Bella Farm

The Chattooga Bella Farm project is a 23 kWac rooftop and ground-mounted project designed to provide power for a poultry farmer.

Our Work: Landfill Gas-To-Energy

Gaston County, NC – Landfill Gas-To-Energy Project

In 2009, we teamed up with CHA to assist Gaston County, North Carolina, in the self-development of a $10.5-million, 6-megawatts LFGTE project. The LFGTE project included the installation of gas extraction wells, collection system infrastructure, blower/flare, gas compression and cleanup, gas transmission, and a state-of-the-art Power Generation Facility (PGF). Over 70 gas wells and an extensive HDPE piping network were required to extract the gas. A 6,000-foot gas transmission conveys the gas to the PGF. Flaring (excess gas), gas cleanup, and compression operations are performed at the extraction site. The LFG is compressed with multi-stage centrifugal blowers and then conditioned using a gas after- cooler and refrigerated gas dryer. The system design capacity is 2,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM).


The PGF, which is now in commercial operation, includes three Jenbacher Model J-420-GS engine generators with provisions to accommodate a fourth unit in the future. The engine generators are housed in a totally-enclosed building, which also includes a rooftop solar voltaic panel array, a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) center, and administrative support facilities including educational, conference/training, and monitoring functions. Energy generation is expected to range from an initial production level of 26,350 megawatt-hours per year (MWh/year) to an ultimate capacity of approximately 50,000 MWh/year.


A SCADA system was employed to enhance operating efficiency. Gas extraction and compression equipment are operated through a programmable logic control system that is integrated with the generator control system. A fiber-optic network links the landfill extraction/compression site with the generator facility. Remote monitoring and control functions are web-based. The SCADA system facilitates the management and operation of the PGF, and it is used to record methane destruction and electric energy production. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the extraction/compression and PGF sites are linked to the SCADA system as an aid in site security and operations.


We assisted the County in securing all required agreements and permits for this project including a multi-year Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) with Duke Energy of the Carolinas. Renewable Energy Credit (REC) sales were bundled in the agreement with Duke Energy. A gridinterconnect with the Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation of North Carolina (REMC) was negotiated, FERC Licensing was secured, and an Approval and Certification of Public Convenience was obtained from the North Carolina Utility Commission.


Project income includes carbon credit sales. Our team solicited and evaluated proposals from carbon-offset companies to monetize Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs) resulting from the destruction of landfill methane and assisted the County in the negotiation of a multiyear Verified Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (VERPA) with EcoSecurities International Limited. The project is registered under the Climate Action Reserve. Greenhouse gas emissions reductions of over 250,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) have been recorded to date.


Prequalification of the approved generator manufacturers for the project included a Best Value Evaluation (BVE), which included structuring and evaluation of performance guarantees including generator performance (electric efficiency), reliability, operation and maintenance costs, service, spare parts, and guaranteed maintenance pricing.


Revenues for this project are derived from the monetization of carbon credits, RECs, and electric energy sales. The projected average annual electric energy and REC revenue for the term of the PPA is projected to be approximately $3,675,000/year at full capacity. On an annualized basis, the County could also receive an additional revenue from the sale of carbon offsets under the existing VERPA or spot market.

Surry County, NC – Landfill Gas-To-Energy Project

In 2012, ReNew Petra and CHA were selected by Surry County to develop a landfill gas to energy project for the Mount Airy landfill. This project is being developed under a public- private partnership model with the ReNew Petra/CHA team providing initial development of the project with a transition in ownership of the project to the County after seven years of operation. This development model is enabling the County to develop the project with limited risk. The LFGTE project includes:


  • A new landfill gas collection system
  • Gas compression and clean-up
  • A 1.6 MW engine-generator
  • Generator housing
  • Related piping and controls
  • Utility interconnect


The ReNew Petra/CHA team is responsible for system design, system construction, initial system operation, and for all permits and approvals. We negotiated the PPA with Duke, and are responsible for FERC licensing and registration of landfill methane destruction under the Climate Action Registry (FAR). The project was implemented on a fast-track, design-build basis and will begin operation in late April of 2013.

Catawba County, NC – Landfill Gas Utilization Projects

We are part of a team that has assisted in managing and developing LFGTE projects for Catawba County. While an initial 4MW LFGTE project was developed in 1998-99, a number of activities related to expanding the site, improving technology, and the permitting, design, construction, and modifications of an active LFG extraction and energy recovery system for the County’s Blackburn landfill facility continue.


A new 1MW engine-generator system is being designed to generate electricity from additional LFG that is being recovered. Design and permitting also includes all required licensing, utility interconnect, and air and solid waste permitting activities.

Catawba County, NC – Regional EcoComplex and Resource Recovery Facility (Planning and Implementation)

ReNew Petra provides strategic support to the ongoing development of the Catawba County EcoComplex program, which includes assisting with development of strategy for expanding EcoComplex renewable projects including but not limited to biomass gasification, wastewater anaerobic digestion, cogeneration including on-site carbon dioxide (CO2) production, biodiesel production, solar PV, solar thermal, and numerous industrial thermal site applications. The Catawba County Regional EcoComplex and Resource Recovery Facility program has received an American Academy of Environmental Engineers Honor Award in the environmental-sustainability category.


ReNew Petra is also assisting numerous government and private entities to develop multiple renewable projects including a central “green” biomass gasification cogeneration plant at this site for use by multiple industrial clients and an anaerobic digester generation project as a regional wastewater solids disposal operation. We developed the project concept and coordinated all facets of the project including but not limited to: technical, financial, regulatory, and contractual. The project will run completely off renewable fuel sources currently classified as waste by industry and government. The project integrates steam and electric production provided to multiple end user clients.

Buncombe County, NC – Landfill Gas Utilization Project

ReNew Petra was part of a team that managed and developed this project for Buncombe County. The project consisted of the permitting, design, construction, and start-up of an active landfill gas extraction and energy recovery system for the Woodfin Management facility. Working with CDM Smith, our team managed and negotiated all utility regulatory, electric and environmental credit contracts and permits.


A 1.4MW engine generator system was designed to generate electricity from recovered landfill gas. A LFG collection and flare system is operated for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (destruction of methane). Design and permitting also included all required licensing, utility interconnect, and air and solid waste permitting activities. The energy conversion facility began commercial operation in August 2011.

Our Work: Biogas / Biomass

General Mills Digester Gas-To-Energy Project

In late 2014, ReNew Petra teamed with CHA to assist General Mills Yoplait Plant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in the self-development of a $14-million, 1.6MW digester gas to energy project. The digester gas to energy project included the installation of a gas digester that processes plant waste product, blower/flare coordination, gas compression and cleanup, and a state-of-the-art Power Generation and Heat Facility. The project includes:


  • A new state-of-the-art digester
  • Gas clean-up
  • A 1.6MW engine-generator
  • Hot Water Heat Recovery System
  • Generator housing
  • Related piping and controls
  • Utility interconnect


ReNew Petra is responsible for negotiating the PPA / Net Metering agreement with TVA, and responsible for FERC licensing and registration of landfill methane destruction under the TVA Renewable Initiative. The project was implemented on a fast-track, design-build basis and will began operation in late May of this year.

Large Industrial Renewable Energy Portfolio

ReNew Petra currently manages the purchase of over $40,000,000 annually in renewable energy credits for select clients around the world. The efforts include overseeing the validation, renewable accounting, and relationships between clients and with all vendors.

Biomass Management

We have developed and instituted the systemic marketing and management of biomass products (wood waste byproducts) for numerous clients and suppliers in the southeastern United States. The management has allowed for the creation of a win-win relationship with suppliers and end use clients by reducing costs for end use clients, increasing margins for producers, and stabilizing market conditions during an economic downturn coupled with increased demand for biomass products. ReNew Petra developed the management concept and coordinated all facets of the efforts including, but not limited to, logistics and technical, financial, and contractual assistance. The management effort is a market leader and has become the largest entity in select markets within 12 months.

North Carolina Paper Company, NC

ReNew Petra provided infrastructure engineering management and demand management services provided for refurbished Brownfield pulp and paper operation. The site involved 15 megawatts of generation capacity provided by four turbines with six active coalfired boilers and six specialty production lines. In coordination with the plant’s production activities, ReNew Petra supported efforts to renegotiate energy contracts and implemented infrastructure improvements that yielded 35 percent savings on total energy costs.

Buncombe County, NC – Landfill Gas Utilization Project

ReNew Petra was part of a team that managed and developed this project for Buncombe County. The project consisted of the permitting, design, construction, and start-up of an active landfill gas extraction and energy recovery system for the Woodfin Management facility. Working with CDM Smith, our team managed and negotiated all utility regulatory, electric and environmental credit contracts and permits.


A 1.4MW engine generator system was designed to generate electricity from recovered landfill gas. A LFG collection and flare system is operated for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (destruction of methane). Design and permitting also included all required licensing, utility interconnect, and air and solid waste permitting activities. The energy conversion facility began commercial operation in August 2011.